The basis of each company is the ability to find the right people.

We are seeking CHARACTER in the world of finance

We disapprove of the current practices that harm clients, and believe that our clients deserve the greatest yields and best services consistent with the quality of private banking. If you identify with these beliefs, then we are the right company for you.

The Wealth Effect Management team seeks character in the world of finance. Are you looking for a job that will satisfy and challenge you? Do you want to treat your customers fairly and only provide complete and true information? Is honesty your biggest flaw? We will pay you for it generously. As part of our team you will not only gain a rewarding job, but also fair financial rewards, space for personal development and expert assistance and support. We will teach you everything we have learned, share our experiences and help you succeed.

Tell us about yourself – what does character mean for you and why would you like to be part of our extraordinary team? All who will be honest with us will be invited to a job interview.

Open positions:
  • Wealth Advisor
  • Wealth Manager
  • Portfolio Manager
  • Private banker
  • Mortgage specialist
  • HR
In case of interest, send your CV to
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