Complex services

Each client is special – that is why we treat every single one with exceptional care. Our complex services ensure individual approach, providing transparent information regarding fees and their ratio to the investment, as well as regarding the profitability of all financial products and investments. Our goal is not to sell products with high commissions, but to fulfill the expectations of our clients. We are looking for ways to ensure their goals are met while appreciating their assets in the most effective way.
Our clients’ satisfaction stands on the values that we show and stand by.


A perceptive strategic planning will enable you to create a sufficient financial reserve.

The financial market is filled with a variety of financial products, both short- and long-term. WEM has created its own range of periodical savings products for its clients, which meet the requirements for the individual setting of the investment portion. This way, we can ensure real yields for our clients without the need for any further fees and insurances that would decrease the efficiency of the investment.


Mindful planning will ensure your financial stability even during retirement.

We will help you get ready for a pension without financial concerns. By using a thorough analysis of the financial portfolio and all possibilities, we will identify the flaws in your investment strategy and propose a feasible solution for securing high financial stability for you and your family.


We provide professional complex services and consultancy in the field of housing finance, evaluating and investing into real estate.

For us, working with real estate does not mean merely providing mortgages. We will take care of everything – financing and securing your estates, their sale, purchase or lease. Our experienced real estate and finance brokers with an individual approach specialize in:

- Mortgages and housing finance – We take you through the whole process of financing while providing transparent information about credit liabilities, which are essential for making the right decision.
- Real estate and household insurance – Insuring your estate and household is part of the complex client care we provide. We cooperate only with reliable partners who have great reputation and experience with resolving insurance events to the full satisfaction of their clients.
- The purchase, sale and lease of real estate – WEM Real Estate will find a suitable estate for purchase or lease, and take care of all the administrative matters. Selling your estate also won’t be a problem for us. Professional services, free consultancy and fees are all included in the reward.
- Real estate as an investment – While planning a real-estate investment, we prepare an effective investment strategy for our clients based on an analysis of their expectations, financial options and investment horizon. We will advise you on how to invest to make your assets grow in value.


Managing and avoiding risks will ensure financial stability to you and your close ones.

Insurance is a complicated and complex product which needs to be handled with a professional attitude. Missing information can lead to pecuniary damages and the dissatisfaction of clients. Out approach is different. We see insurance not as an investment, but as a way of risk management. We will help you understand what type of insurance is best for your situation, and find one that will provide the most efficient insurance coverage. Together, we will find the best way to secure the future of your loved ones.
Financial risk management will help you:

- Protect your income
- Protect your pension savings
- Provide for your loved ones
- Manage entrepreneurial risks


Long-term strategic planning and asset management can ensure financial comfort and stability for your family.

However, since that requires strategic orientation and continuity over time, it is best to entrust it to a reliable partner with investment and financial proficiency. We will help you find the most suitable solution for securing your assets to suit your current priorities, and help you plan out the future needs of your family.


By auditing and optimizing your existing contracts, we can lower your expenses on overpriced financial products.

The parameters and conditions of financial products keep changing. Some products that were advantageous a few years ago are now either too expensive or inefficient. Optimizing your existing contracts will help you reduce the number of contracts you have by selecting the least favorable ones, and the ones that are no longer in accordance with your financial plans and objectives. Our investment and financial professionals who are well-experienced in optimizing financial portfolios will take good care of analyzing and optimizing your old contracts.

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