Our team

Peter Štadler


My name is Peter Štadler. I am the founder and owner of the financial company Wealth Effect Management. My team is composed of people who share the same values – strong human character, honesty and responsibility. Thanks to our collective effort and enthusiasm for the world of finance, my company keeps growing. I value every single client that has faith in us, and every single euro that he entrusts to our hands. I know how hard it is to become successful. I know how hard it is to gain trust, or to trust. And I know how hard it is to be wrong and bear responsibility for it. I have learned it from my mistakes, so that now I could help you foresee and avoid yours in the world of financial investment.
Our goal is to have satisfied clients. We are doing everything we can to bring such quality financial services to our market as are common in the most developed countries. We are seeking ways to achieve better, more favorable and more profitable conditions for our clients daily. We are here for every single one of you. Are you looking for a specific product? Do you have a dream that you want to fulfill, but struggle to find the resources? Or are you simply confused on the financial market and need a piece of advice? In any case, let us know. I will help you protect and valorize your investments. If you like the world of finance, you can become a part of it along with us. All you have to do is want. As much as I did.
Caring for our clients’ investments is built on mutual trust. Our mission is to provide such ways of property and risk management that accommodate even the most specific needs.
I present to you a team of Wealth Managers, whose role is to care for the maintenance, development of property and administration of the investment portfolios of our clients. Each team member has exceptional skills, demonstrable experience, and an innovative way of thinking. And all of them are here for you.

Bruno Gabel


He is responsible for creating, application and managing of in-company processes. Many years of experience on different positions in our company allowed him to gain perspective on every new process. Connecting existing and creating new processes should make work of everyone more effective. He is trying to make it happen every day.

Martin Vozar

Portfolio manager

He has practical and theoretical experience in managing stock portfolios. He worked as portfolio manager, company evaluator in consulting companies and for many years he has been university pedagogue with focus on finance management and company evaluations. He also runs MBA courses on Corporate finance.

Matej Bašťovanský

Senior Wealth Manager

He works with us since 2010, most recently as Senior Wealth Manager. He was able to gain lot of valuable experience, both theoretical and practical, which he utilizes helping clients on everyday basis, while still managing to work as educator and go to source for knowledge for new colleagues. He is managing our biggest client database and working on creating Service center.

Michal Kováč

Financial Analyst

He is responsible for monitoring of macroeconomic indicators and their influence on financial markets. In Wealth Effect Management, he is using his years of experience to provide most professional service to clients as Wealth manager. His analytical work is supporting portfolio manager and customer relations management.

Ján Peťko

WEM Real Estate

He is directing our real estate agency, which he co-founded with WEM after gaining lot of valuable experience in renowned agencies. He has been working as estate agent for 8 years, making many successful trades. He is building long term relations with clients based on exceeding their expectations.

Peter Kriska

Mortgage specialist

Working for WEM for more than two years, he brokered mortgages for almost 150 clients. His motto is “Do thing as if you would do them for yourself”. Thanks to his outstanding reputation, his clients are spreading good word about our company, growing our clientele even more.

Zuzana Leskovska

HR Director

She is responsible for creating new strategies for recruitment selection processes, searching and choosing new potential candidates, actively spreading good reputation of company, our values and character. She is also organizing workshops, networking activities, HR department expansion and process coordination. Additionally, she helps with personal development and is supporting HR department in Bulgaria

Mária Čajková

Office Manager

She represents a key position in our company, ensuring smooth run of the office, managing company processes and internal and external communication. Organizational skills, attention to detail and time management are indispensable part of her persona.
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