Complex Services

Our aim is not to sell products with favourable commissions, but to fulfil the expectations of the clients

Investment products

To be able to fulfil the needs of even the most demanding clients, we have decided to bring to the market a product for everyone who wishes to save effectively. With transparent structure of fees, above-standard profitability, flexible amount of saving, and without binding, even ambitious dreams will come true.

Bank and insurance products

Thanks to long-term experience of our mortgage and service team we feel at home in bank and insurance products. The wide range of partners enables us to always chose the most suitable solution. At its realisation, we accompany the client till the last moment, which saves not only their money, but time too.

Real estate

A layman can easily get lost in the huge amount of properties. Apart from a wide range of available offers, our professional agents will be happy to assist you with finding a tailored property and to secure for all necessary administrative action. Sales or rent is their daily reality.

Matej Bašťovanský

Matej has been with the company since 2010. Today he is Senior Wealth Advisor. During this period he has gained a wealth of expertise and practical knowledge, which he has been constantly using in contact with the clients. He is also a trainer and support for our newcomers. Currently, he is managing and improving project of a service centre. Within the division of investment company, he is responsible for creation of new business partnerships and consequent complex care and communication and is head of consultancy services department.


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