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21. februára 2020

With the advent of 21st century information and communication technologies in the financial sector, investment has also been brought closer to people. Many of you are flooded daily with ads for forex robots, guaranteed returns, investing in cryptocurrencies and various similar ways to get rich quick. Sometimes, it can be hard to distinguish between these “get rich quick offers” and professional approach to asset management..


The foundation of each portfolio creation is to decide on the desired risk and hence the potential return. WEM Equity US is a portfolio with higher risk, but also with the potential to generate profits of more than 20% per year. Subsequently, with the right selection of companies, we try to reduce real risk to the lowest possible level so that the portfolio steadily rises in value and any downturns are quickly erased.

Of course, the most important indication is the final performance. The value of the WEM Equity US portfolio increased by 8.47% in the last quarter, ie from 1 October 2019 to 31 December 2019, outperforming its Alpha by 1.08. This is the best reason why clients entrust Wealth Effect Management with long-term care of their financial life. You can rad the whole development report of last quarter here.


By selecting the right companies for the portfolio, we are successful in bringing positive results. The best driver of the last quarter was the United Health Group, which as a name suggests is healthcare business. One of the central factors for success was the ability of all but three companies to exceed expectations of economic results. Positive reaction of the market to this development was slightly cooled by the unfavorable development of the euro against the dollar, which had a negative impact on the performance.


WEM Equity US Equity Portfolio is our corner-stone product used as the main portfolio for clients who want to increase value of their assets as efficiently as possible while maintaining a sustainable level of risk.

Of course, this portfolio is not suitable for every investor and therefore the offer of solutions from our company includes more conservative, but also more risky investments. What we always try to avoid are unverified investment methods and unpredictable investments with too high risks. Given the cumulative return on the WEM Equity US portfolio for the years 2014 to 2018 is 149.6%, taking greater risk is for most people unnecessary.


If you are interested in professional asset management services, you can see our portfolio on our website, or contact us via e-mail on:

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