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With few hierarchy levels and great emphasis on personality development, working in our company is suitable only for people who are able to identify with the idea and the DNA that makes up the backbone of Wealth Effect Management. Therefore, when choosing candidates for new positions, we consider thoroughly all aspects of personality, personal values, and professional knowledge to create long-term cooperation with people who want to work on themselves and who have a sense of responsibility and desire to be successful. Thanks to that, we can provide workplace with a unique atmosphere and excellent interpersonal relationships across the entire team. If you are looking for a new challenge, want to move forward and prove to the world that conscientious work and determination to pursue your goals are the basis of success, let us know!

My name is Peter Štadler. I am the founder and owner of the financial company Wealth Effect Management. But WEM is not just about me. The Wealth Effect Management team consists of people who share values with me – loyalty, knowledge and character. Thanks to a mutual effort and enthusiasm for the world of finance, WEM continues to grow.

Long-term cooperation is based on high demands placed on people and besides knowledge and integrity their inner drive to be the best. Our goal is to help people grow professionally and personally, develop positive qualities and encourage continuous improvement.

In Wealth Effect Management, we have created an environment where experienced professionals find a stable partner who can help them improve and provide services at the highest level. For aspiring adepts who are discouraged by the bad reputation and unprofessional approach of many companies of financial sector we offer character necessary for responsible customer care.

Our goal is a satisfied client, we do everything we can to bring to our market services of the same quality as services in developed markets. If you are interested in a responsible approach and are looking for a new challenge, let us know and we will be happy to present you career opportunities.

Students and Graduates

Whether you just want to broaden your knowledge in the business world, gain experience in the field you want to work in, or are looking for an opportunity to turn your skills and ferocity into a well-paid job, Wealth Effect Management is your place to be. With access to Bloomberg’s professional terminal, our own portfolios and a professional team, you can start your career with an experience you cannot get anywhere else.

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Skilled Professionals

We offer ambitious professionals the opportunity to further develop their skills and find new challenges. Our advantage is transparency and solutions that can meet the expectations of creditworthy clients. The support we provide allows experienced workers to create solutions for clients from the higher income brackets and meet their demanding expectations about the quality of the services provided.

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