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Driven forward by expertise and constant personal growth, we are bringing a revolution in financial products closer to the people

Our experience shows that transparency and honesty leads to success. We do not hide our fees structures, nor promise unreal yields. On contrary, our clients are transparently informed about their assets, fees and investments. And, as a benefit, we create our own financial products with more favourable conditions, which secure our clients higher yields than standard products.

We are doing our best to bring to the Slovak market financial services equal to the developed markets standards. Daily, we search for ways to achieve more favourable conditions for our clients. Therefore, we are here for every one of you.

Care for investments of our clients is based on a mutual trust. Our mission is to bring you such solutions of assets and risk management, which meet your specific needs.

We would like to introduce to you our DNA, in which we have imbedded our values, aims, and ideas. We have created it as a promise and named it DNA to express that it constitutes a corner stone of our company and a must be part of every employee, product, but mainly the approach not only to our clients, but to people around us as well.


Bratislava Sofia


Apollo Business Center II

Prievozská 4/C, 821 09 Bratislava

centrala@wem.sk +421 917 628 001



Platinum Business Center

ул. Бачо Киро 26, Platinum Business Center, 1000 Sofia, Bulgaria

alex.rizov@wem.bg +359 88 699 7657


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