Helping you build wealth with character and integrity.

We are privileged to have clients entrust us with their financial futures, and remain committed to consistently delivering exceptional results to help them lead fulfilling lives.


For over 13 years, we have helped our clients secure their future, meet their financial goals and live a fulfilling life. This is what drives us.

Our mission

To build wealth with honesty and transparency that enables our clients to accomplish their goals, and secure their future.

We hold strong conviction in the capabilities of our team and diversity of our products to meet specialized client needs. That is how we can deliver on the unique visions of each of our clients.

Our vision

As a global company, we strive to advance the wealth management industry by conducting business on the basis of shared values, character and integrity.

We know how to build wealth for our clients, and work as a trusted partner to provide honest, practical advice at each step of their financial journey.

That is how we contribute to change.

2007 — 2013

Peter Štadler and his mentor Filip Jacek founded and launched the company named Efect Slovakia. The focus was clear from the very beginning – to establish a company built on a fair approach, character and integrity to provide world-class wealth management services and products.


Following the untimely death of Jacek, the company was renamed Wealth Effect Management (WEM). The company’s values and mandate remained the same: to provide comprehensive wealth management services and, as a result, change the lives of clients, and advance the wealth management industry.


WEM entered the Bulgarian market as the first foreign entity and began to bring wealth management services across borders.


The growing company had to clearly define its guiding principles in order to maintain and further develop its key value proposition and quality of services. Thus, the WEM DNA was created, which still serves as the central pillar of the company today.


WEM was awarded a securities dealer license, which allowed it to have control over the fee structure and performance of its investment products. This further increased the quality and performance of WEM products and services, and subsequently, the results for our clients.


A service center was set up in response to the number of long-term clients and the goal to serve them across each stage of their life. A vision to bring a truly game-changing product available to everybody led to the launch of the unique Save For Tomorrow investment savings program. The securities dealer services made it possible to provide unique and timeless products, and also became available in Bulgaria.


The transition to a joint-stock company allowed the company to respond more flexibly to the needs of clients and business partners. The emphasis on sustainable entrepreneurship, affordable and qualified assistance and increasing financial literacy led to the establishment of a free educational project: the Financial Counsel.


Investment in the company’s infrastructure and talent in response to growing demand led to a streamlining of internal company processes and provided better service standards and results for clients. Continuing innovations and digitization allowed clients to set up investment savings without an access fee – all done online within minutes. In a year of record downturns caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, all of the WEM portfolios surpassed benchmarks and delivered significantly above-standard growth, confirming the soundness of the WEM approach.

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