At WEM, we believe that young talent should be empowered through opportunity. We also believe that working in a good environment with accountability of your own work is a great asset for further development and future success.

We currently have two different positions open: Intern and Associate.

Intern is a position aimed at developing technical skills. Your job role will primarily be:

  • Front office support, back office and portfolio management.
  • Preparing internal reports and documents for trades and daily operations.
  • Support for COOs in the accounting department, cash flow projection and budgeting.
  • Daily operations (managing client account activity, processing applications and documents).
  • Analysis and evaluation of data, investment opportunities and projects of the company.
  • Creating surveys and metrics that drive business development.
  • Working with the Bloomberg Professional Terminal.

As an Associate, your focus will be different, and geared towards the following:

  • Client care under the supervision of an assigned mentor.
  • Access to exclusive training to increase expertise and sales skills.
  • Gaining experience during meetings with clients.
  • The position is paid on the basis of a commission system, which provides the possibility of above-market earnings.

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