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WEM SFT – Balanced

Save For Tomorrow allows our clients to create a financial reserve or even a passive income stream in order to prepare for retirement, provide housing for their family or secure their children’s future.

Average annual yield *

5.65% p.a.

Overall yield *


* The overall yield and the average annual yield represent data for the period from 1 January 2010 to 31 December 2023.

Average annual yield

The average annual yield is calculated as the geometric average of gross returns for individual years of the investment period. This figure accounts for compound interest rates (i.e. a reinvestment of portfolio returns) as well as possible fluctuations of returns over the investment period, therefore is suitable to represent a portfolio performance.

Overall yield

The overall yield is an actual (gross) rate of return on investment over the investment period. The overall yield accounts for compound interest, capital gains and dividends.


A benchmark is generally an index against which a performance of a comparable fund or a portfolio is compared to. Hence benchmarks for individual WEM portfolios differ based on their specifications, risk level and geographical focus.
After selecting a benchmark from a dropdown list, the bottom performance chart will show you an overview of the alpha - the portfolio outperformance over a selected benchmark over a selected investment period.
Portfolios with no available benchmark will only have the "NONE" option available.

Gross and net performance

Gross performance is calculated as the total return on an investment before fees, commissions and taxes and includes compound interest, capital gains and dividends.
Net performance is gross performance net of fees, commissions, and taxes.

Current performance

Current performance shows gross performance for the selected investment period.

Graph legend

The upper chart shows the performance of the portfolio for the selected investment period. The bottom chart shows the performance of the portfolio since its inception.
You can also see the current performance on the graph. Please note that the value of current yield on the graphs and the overall yield might not match, as the overall yield is calculated based on a specific and predefined period.

We are the first company in Slovakia to provide this type of savings program without an entry fee and with returns of up to 11.03% p.a. Save For Tomorrow outperforms other savings options and is suitable for everyone, whether as a complementary tool within the investment portfolio or as a launch pad to building personal wealth.

Minimum deposit EUR 50
Investment horizon 3 years +
TOP stock and bond indices within 3 strategies
Target gross performance* 5.5% p.a.*
Flexibility including extraordinary deposits

* Calculated on the basis of historical performance before the deduction of fees, commissions and taxes.

Entrance fee when closing online: 0 €

Investment strategy One-time entry fee 1 Entrance fee ongoing 1 Management fee 2
Dynamic 2.7% 3% 0.24%
Balanced 1.8% 2% 0.18%
Conservative 0.9% 1% 0.12%

1. The entry fee is charged during in-person establishment of investment savings and the method of payment of the fee is at the client's choice. In the case of a one-off payment, the entry fee is charged once on the first deposit, as a percentage of the total amount of the planned investment. In the case of an continuous payment, a maximum of 50% of the deposits is charged on an ongoing basis, as a percentage of the total amount of the planned investment. The entry fee is a third party fee and is paid in full to the financial agent who mediated the conclusion of the Portfolio Management Agreement. WEM is entitled to charge the fee.

A discount is applied from the entry fee if the contract is concluded for more than 20 years. The discount is calculated as the ratio of the number of years of the investment after the twentieth year to the total duration of the investment. The discount is given as a percentage.

2. The management fee is charged quarterly, as a percentage of the average value of the client portfolio for the given quarter.

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