We build, grow, and protect your wealth. For life.

What we do

We believe wealth helps in living a meaningful and fulfilling life.
That’s why we help our clients build, grow, and protect it — for life.

Wealth Management

For individuals and families:
Building, managing, growing, and transferring wealth

Wealth management covers everything necessary for managing your wealth during the entire life — bespoke investment plans, broad range of portfolios as well real estate management, inheritance planning, and further complex services.

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Asset Services

For external asset managers, institutional partners, financial intermediaries, companies, and financial professionals:
Complex services of portfolio management and licensed securities dealer.

Asset services cover a broad scope of services ranging from purchasing of investment solutions through portfolio creation up to employee programs and investment funds for universities.

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We will help you build, grow, and protect your wealth

For over 16 years we have been helping our clients secure their future,
accomplish their financial goals and live a fulfilling life.

That is our goal. That is why we are here.

To help you take care of your wealth from its initial building
through its ongoing growing and protection up to its transfer.
For life.

Peter Štadler podpis

Peter Štadler

CEO, Founder

16+ years in business

Own portfolio management

Own IT infrastructure

Regulated by the National Bank of Slovakia

Building wealth

WHAT: Lay firm foundation of your future wealth

HOW: Profitable investment products with no needless fees

RESULT: Secured future and possibility to further grow your wealth

Growing wealth

WHAT: Further grow existing wealth

HOW: Actively managed wealth for significantly above-average returns, bespoke investment plan

RESULT: Possibilities which wealth offers — and the time to enjoy them

Protecting wealth

WHAT: Protect your wealth

HOW: Stable portfolios for wealth protection, advisory and legal services

RESULT: Maintaining your standard and opportunities

Transferring wealth

WHAT: Transfer your wealth so that it can serve and work further

HOW: Complex long-term preparation, advisory as well as wealth transfer and succession services

RESULT: Wealth secured for the next generations

What we think

Commentaries, analysis, video — practical and actionable content for better wealth management during your entire life.

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your personalized plan how you can build and grow your wealth.
For life.