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Our team of professionals and range of comprehensive Wealth Management services significantly ease the process of building wealth.

That means more time for you to enjoy your wealth and pursue interests that are meaningful to you.

WEM Portfolios

We offer a wide array of portfolios that meet different needs ranging from dynamic portfolios that focus on capital appreciation to more conservative portfolios that focus on capital preservation.

Portfolio Category Overall yield * Average annual yield *
WEM Equity Global Dynamic portfolio 415,97 %
22,77 % Detail
WEM Equity US Dynamic portfolio 307,24 %
19,18 % Detail
WEM Balanced Balanced portfolio 132,65 %
11,13 % Detail
WEM Balanced ETF Balanced portfolio 92,05 %
8,50 % Detail
WEM High Yield Bonds Conservative portfolio 30,72 %
4,43 % Detail
WEM Investment Grade Bonds Conservative portfolio 30,76 %
5,37 % Detail
WEM Safe Haven Conservative portfolio 34,92 %
4,37 % Detail
WEM SFT – Dynamic Investment savings 120,83 %
9,52 % Detail
WEM SFT – Balanced Investment savings 93,21 %
4,60 % Detail
WEM SFT – Conservative Investment savings 21,63 %
1,47 % Detail
WEM Investment Opportunities – Gaming Thematic portfolio 33,60 %
15,98 % Detail
WEM Investment Opportunities – Emerging Markets Thematic portfolio 128,07 %
16 % Detail
WEM Investment Opportunities – Oil *CLOSED* Thematic portfolio 45,32 %
44,58 % Detail
WEM Investment Opportunities – Payments Ecosystem *CLOSED* Thematic portfolio 54,78 %
41,86 % Detail
WEM Investment Opportunities – Artificial Intelligence *CLOSED* Thematic portfolio 18,75 %
28,52 % Detail
WEM Investment Opportunities – Defense and Aerospace *CLOSED* Thematic portfolio -0.08 %
-0,06 % Detail

We can help you build your wealth

Over the last 16 years our goals have been helping our clients secure their future, meet their financial goals and live a fulfilling life.

These remain our goals. That is why we are here.

Peter Štadler podpis

Peter Štadler

CEO, Founder

WEM services

Business Consultancy

Our business consultancy services help clients save time and money, and navigate the complexities of wealth management smoothly. Our services include:

  • Crisis management
  • Revenue growth strategy
  • Set-up of internal processes and systems
  • Strategic planning and operational improvement

WEM services

Wealth Structuring

with assets over 250 000 EUR

Wealth Structuring is our most comprehensive investment services suite, providing bespoke investment planning and exclusive investment opportunities.

Wealth Structuring – Main services

  • All services included in Wealth Advisory and Wealth Guide
  • Creating a comprehensive bespoke individual investment plan
  • Presentations on and updates for new investment opportunities
  • Strategic and tactical asset allocation advice according to individual client situations and needs
  • Alternative investments
  • Start-ups, venture capital

WEM services

Wealth Guide

with assets over 50 000 EUR

Our suite of extended wealth management services is designed for sophisticated clients who have already started to actively build their wealth, or who are seeking to enhance existing asset allocations.

Wealth Guide – Main services

  • All services included in Wealth Advisory
  • Exclusive WEM portfolios with their investment architecture
  • WEM Investment Opportunities portfolios
  • Bespoke investment strategies and portfolios
  • Comprehensive guidance for the client when adjusting asset allocations

WEM services

Wealth Advisory

with assets up to 50 000 EUR

Wealth Advisory services are available to all clients looking to build long-term wealth.

Wealth Advisory – Main services

  • Detailed analysis of personal and family assets of the client
  • Preparation of a personal investment plan
  • Optimization of investments and financial products
  • Exclusive WEM portfolios
  • Investment savings (Save For Tomorrow)

Complementary services Wealth Advisory

WEM services

Legal services

Legal services are an important component of wealth management. We provide analysis and consultancy for a wide range of contractual relationships.

  • Setting up contractual conditions for co-ownerships
  • Contractual coverage for asset transfers
  • Will preparation
  • Verification and optimization of company contracts and contractual relations
  • Other legal services according to specific needs

WEM services

Tax and Accounting services

We provide comprehensive taxation and accounting consultancy for individual and entities:

  • Consultancy for family succession
  • Audits and optimization of family assets
  • Preparation of annual financial statements
  • Optimization and set-up of legal entity structures
  • Establishment of a holding company
  • Establishment of trust funds

WEM services

Valuation, purchasing and selling of companies

For valuations, mergers and acquisitions and other corporate finance, it is important to work with a reliable partner. Our extended team can assist you with:

  • Pre-purchase analyses and valuations of companies
  • Legal support for the purchase and sale of companies
  • Independent reviews of price offers
  • Strategic planning consulting
  • Capital allocation and investment planning
  • Mergers and acquisitions

WEM services

Real Estate Management

We simplify complex real estate processes and requirements to help clients gain the benefits of real estate ownership and management without incurring large costs. Services include:

  • Comprehensive facility management
  • Assistance with the preparation, financing and management of development projects
  • Evaluation of investment plans
  • Assistance on buying and selling real estate with an investment plan

WEM services

Mortgage and Insurance Services

We have relationships with all major mortgage lenders and banks in Slovakia, and can support clients with:

  • Analysis and negotiation of mortgage agreements to secure favourable conditions when buying land or real estate
  • Evaluation of investment plans
  • Documentation and other miscellaneous requirements needed for the successful close of a mortgage including real estate insurance, risk insurance or savings for early mortgage repayment

WEM services

Concierge and Personal Valet

We’re excited to be able to offer a personal valet. This exclusive service provides new opportunities and life experiences, saving clients time and money so they can spend more time doing the things they love. Valet services include:

  • Purchasing and intermediation of exclusive cars and jewellery
  • Tastings of rare wines
  • Reservations at exclusive restaurants
  • Bookings for premium holidays and trips around the world
  • Reservations to places for leisure, social, or team-building purposes
  • Events for clients and their families, clients or business partners
  • Catering for events and celebrations
  • Tickets for concerts and cultural events

WEM services

Family Asset Management

Family asset management is an important service designed to help clients preserve, grow, and pass on their wealth to subsequent generations. Our team provides:

  • Comprehensive legal assistance
  • Analysis of the legal structure of family assets
  • Analysis of legal contracts and settlement of inheritance proceedings
  • Seamless transfers of family assets

WEM services

Family Succession

The urgency of family succession planning heightens as time passes. Our team supports clients with:

  • Comprehensive legal assistance
  • Transfer of family businesses and real estate
  • Crisis management
  • Consultancy and the recruitment of external management
  • Defining the legal structure and security for relevant contractual relationships

WEM services

Issuance of Securities

Security issuance is one of our advanced services where we offer:

  • Comprehensive assistance for the issuance of shares or bonds
  • Consultancy on raising capital

How we work

Step 1

Getting to know you

Proper wealth planning begins with understanding your current financial situation, and identifying your goals and objectives at a fundamental level.

Step 2

Designing a personalized plan

Based on the information we obtain in Step 1, we develop a concrete plan tailored to your needs that helps you advance towards your financial goals.

Step 3

Implementing the plan

We then implement this plan by deploying capital towards investment solutions that have been thoroughly vetted to be in-line with client financial priorities and preferences.

Step 4

Managing and enhancing

Our clients count on us for our commitment to them and their wealth. We are continually monitoring our existing strategies and benchmark performance to ensure we are meeting and exceeding expectations.

Start building and growing your wealth

Get in touch with us today to find out how we can prepare a personalized wealth management plan for you.