WEM Fine dining 2018

We always try to bring the best to our clients. Managing their finances every day is a pleasure for us, and that’s why we decided to please them back. In cooperation with Bistro Baroza under the leadership of Peť Slačka, we prepared for clients Wealth Effect Management o.c.p. exceptional tasting menu. The pleasant atmosphere in good company pleased everyone.

The menu satisfied even the most demanding palates
Specialties included truffles.
The basis of an excellent atmosphere is a pleasant environment
They had their hands full in the kitchen and managed the difficult preparation perfectly
Of course, good food also includes the right wine
We can’t decide if it looked or tasted better
No one rushed home from good company
Every piece was a unique experience
Peter Slačka and Peter Štadler ensured an unforgettable evening

We look forward to other events that create an unforgettable experience for us and our clients. Transparent services at the highest level are just the beginning for us, we are most pleased with the smiles on the faces of the people around us.

Photo by Nina Skalikova Photography

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