About us

We have been valorizing and protecting your assets for over 9 years.

We have been successfully paving our own way to responsibly administer the financial assets of our client in the long run. The trust that our clients entrust to us stands on three strong pillars: character, honesty and responsibility. Thanks to that, we have managed to transform a regular finance-consultancy company Efect Slovakia, into a stable company – Wealth Effect Management – which focuses on a long-term and expert care for its clients. Today, we are successfully managing the assets of our clients all around Europe; apart from our offices in Slovakia and Bulgaria, we intensively cooperate with strong financial partners in Switzerland and London.

Our clients appreciate that WEM acts as their partner, who keeps finding new ways to gain more. Our transparent and innovative approach creates hundreds of satisfied clients, whose assets we successfully administer in the long term.

WEM introduced a novel quality of Wealth Management services in Slovakia


For a correct planning and preparation of a Wealth Plan, it is important for us to know your long-term financial goals, options and expectations. Wealth Management is a long-range process of analyses, planning and finding the right investment opportunities and approaches to portfolio management.

The role of a Portfolio Manager is to understand and foresee your needs and objectives, and adjust the investment strategy to make sure your pre-set goals are met. What goals you decide to set is completely up to you: passive income, optimization of liabilities, security funds for your family and children, or real estate portfolio. Our Portfolio Manager will help you find the best way to reach your personal financial targets, as well as appreciate your assets with maximum profits.


The goal of the entire process of Wealth Management is to prepare a tailor-made portfolio for each client, taking into account his personal goals and options.
  • First stepPreparation of a Client’s Investment Profile

    The analysis and comprehension of the current state, situation and needs of the client includes:
    - an analysis of his financial situation
    - defining his personal financial goals and priorities
    - assessing the risk tolerance based upon his risk profile
  • Second stepCreation of a Wealth Plan

    The creation of an investment strategy & finding investment solutions in accordance with the Client’s Profile includes:
    - the preparation of an investment strategy
    - the development and composition of a portfolio
    - an analysis of the presupposed results of the tactical allocation of assets
    - a long-term, strategic orientation of the portfolio
  • Third stepService and Active Administration of Assets

    A continual monitoring of the investment portfolio with the goal of adjusting it according to the current developments on the market.
    - A continuous monitoring and adjustment of the portfolio
    - Seizing new opportunities and avoiding the risks on the market
    - Active risk management to maintain a stable performance of the portfolio
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